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Episode 013 – Epilepsy in dogs seizure is curable

Epilepsy in dogs occurs more frequently nowadays. From reports, they talked of 1-2%, but facts shows that epileptic cases on dog’s species have risen rapidly in recent years. My main reason to talk on this topic is simple – my dog contracted very severe epileptic seizures after an ordinary vaccination. The sequences were in short periods usually once but thereafter two seizures in a day. You can imagine how powerless you become when your animal simply falls over and is shaken by convulsions, as he’s completely gone out of consciousness. You have no other choice than to take hard and sharp objects and possibly persuades the animal well, if necessary, brings him/her back into consciousness with an encouraging clap. The expiry (course) of such a seizure is always the same.

Listen to what are my experiences with that bad illness and how it is possible to stop the terror.

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